FELIWAY Training Program UK

On this platform, you will be able to access a unique e-learning programme to learn a lot
about cats, feline communication, what your clients experience at home with their cats, and
how you can best advise them.
The course is split in 8 short modules, that you can watch at your convenience.
You can now start watching the 1st module of the FELIWAY Training programme.

When you will be finished, you will need to answer a short quiz to unlock access to the 2nd
video, and step by step, you will in no time become an expert in deciphering cats’ signs!
  • Preliminary Facts
  • Preliminary Facts Quiz
  • 2. Why do cats sometimes ... ?
  • Why do cats sometimes ...? Quiz
  • Do you speak cat?
  • Do you speak cat? Test
  • Do you speak CatS?
  • Do you speak catS? Test
  • FELIWAY - How does it work?
  • FELIWAY how does it work? Test
  • Common situations where FELIWAY can help
  • Common situations where FELIWAY can help Quiz
  • Cat owners most frequent questions
  • Cat owners most frequent questions Quiz
  • In practice: which FELIWAY product do you recommend?
  • Which FELIWAY to recommend quiz
  • Conclusion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever